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EMG. Biofeedback Unit

EMG. Biofeedback Unit
EMG Biofeedback EMG Biofeedback therapy techniques throughout the world are increasingly being used for neuromusclar re-education, rehabilitation and in the evaluation of various maladies by health professionals and, also by the patients themselves for home training. EMG Biofeedback is currently being successfully used to treat a growing number of conditions including Incontinence, Patellofermoral Pain, Myofascitis, Myofacial Pain, Phantom Limb Pain, Neck & Shoulder Girdle Pain and Repetitive Strain Injury among others.

The high efficacy levels of treatment using EMG Biofeedback is due to the active participation of the patient. The patient is empowered by being able to control and facilitate their own on going progress throughout the therapy process. The instant feedback shown on a display screen further encourages and motivates the patient to continue the therapy sessions.

NeuroTrac ETS EMG-Triggered Stimulation, EMG 
Biofeedback and Neuromuscular Stimulation

• Dual Channel EMG and Neuromuscular Stimulation
• Multilingual PC Database System
• Used as an EMGBiofeedback traning aid or as a Diagnostic Tool
• Automatic & manual threshold setting in the EMG Triggered Stimulation mode (ETS)
• Designed to be used for wide range of physiotherapy applications
• Produces and prints comprehensive patient progress
  reports of EMG work/rest averages, onset contraction and muscle release times, peak   values, work/rest average current mA used and time of stimulation.
•Monitors week to week change in Quality of LIfe (QOL)
• Easy to use software

EMG : voltage in ‘analog’format, visible several metres away from unit.
• Threshold Dials: Rotary dials for quick and intuitive adjustment of threshold levels. 
• Training Bargraphs: A 20 Segment, multi-coloured LED bargraph, shows Work/Rest

decreasing data.
• Indicators: The six Set-up indicators are arranged in order for getting started quickly.
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    Daily Progress Report

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