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Microwave Therapy

  • Microwave Diathemy ( MICRO 5 )

    Microwave Diathemy ( MICRO 5 )

    Microwave diathermy is irradiation of tissues in the shorter wavelength (between infra red and SWD), The important difference with SWD being that patient does not form part of the circuit.

  • Microwave diathermy unit

    Microwave diathermy unit

    Microwave is a very short wavelength radio waves, it includes the wavelength range usually refers to the frequency 300MHz ~ 300GHz (or wavelengths in the 1m-1mm)  between the electromagnetic waves. Microwave multifunction therapeutic apparatus, is the use of poly-thermal effects of microwave exposure to the human lesions, where water molecules with the microwave field and the vibration of fever, to accelerate blood circulation and tissue metabolism, promote blood and nerve function recovery. In particular, inhibiting bacterial

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