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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

softshot pulse

enPuls Version 2.0 generates a special form of shockwave with a relatively heavy projectile and a comparatively low impact speed—the enPuls Version 2.0 softshot shockwave.

The energy is primarily generated by the volume of the pulse and not by the high amplitude and the extremely short rise characteristic of comparable compressed-air devices.

This requires that the shockwaves with rise times of approx. 3.5 µs and the typical energy settings also generated by compressed-air devices pass through the tissue without any change in the form of the wave, because the stress is within the moment of inertia and the module of elasticity of the tissue. 

Different from focused shockwaves, which have rise times less than 100 ns and  which results in a desired gradation of the wave in the tissue causing cavitation and tissue destruction, with radial shockwaves it is not the exponential effect but simply the amount of energy that triggers the reactive processes.

The slower rise of the wave (approx. 13.5 µs) and the significantly lower peak amplitude mean that enPuls Version 2.0 does not generate the typical whiplash effect of the shockwave, make it easier for the patient to tolerate.

Energy applied—pressure comparison

Comprehensive comparative tests in the laboratory have demonstrated that enPuls Version 2.0 with equivalent energy settings releases kinetic energy via the applicator comparable to that of a compressed-air-driven system, in which the air pressure applied to accelerate the projectile is the dosage. 

The similarity is shown in the following table

enPuls Version 2.0Compressed-air RSWT system
60 mJ 1 bar
90 mJ 2 bar
120 mJ 3 bar
185 mJ 5 bar

Because the kinetic energy is applied to the tissue with similar-sized applicators, the standard units such as mJ/mm² (energy density) can be used because that closely related.

Dosage information from treatment protocols can thus be used 1:1.

Low maintenance and long life

The special technology of the enPuls Version 2.0 and the softshot shock source means that the system has the lowest maintenance costs and the longest handpiece and shockwave generator service life compared to compressed-air systems.

Zimmer MedizinSysteme offers a minimum guarantee of 2,000,000 shocks per generator, corresponding to about 1,000 treatments. The generator should be replaced if there is a significant reduction in performance (shock power is reduced, misfire, etc.). This is generally noticed long after the minimum guarantee period has expired.


The complete system with all required accessories fits into an easily carried aluminum case, making it very mobile.

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