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  • admire torque

    admire torque

    TORQUE  is most complete electro therapy unit for body care i.e. for weight loss as well as inch loss. This uses an amplitude modulated high frequency, to produce a low frequency current effect, at the selective body area.

     This fluctuating frequency pulsecauses muscular contraction and relaxation at the applied points, resulting in the burning of the stored fat, toning and shaping of the muscles and breaking up of the stored adipose tissue.

     TORQUE  accessories include 12 cables with two electrodes each cable through which you can connect upto 24 pads/plates, to be applied for total or local treatment. Extreme safety features have been incorporated in the design of the machine to ensure absolute safety and ease of use.

  • admire hdc

    admire hdc

    HDC- is a versatile appliance that enables you to perform a number of different treatments. It has 12 electronically seprated outlets through which you can connect upto 24 pads to be applied for total or local treatment.

     Convenience precesion and safety are just some of the advantage of thus neuromuscular stimulator unit for passive exercise and muscle re-juveliation treatments.

  • TC 2000 body slimmer

    TC 2000 body slimmer

    TC-2000 combo is a basic appliance that combines all the basic applications for reduction for stored fat and for toning the muscles. It is multi purpose electro therapy excellence, whoch is the most complete, versatile unit for cosmpotic body treatment including obesity, cellulite referring, body circulatory disorders and fatty deposits.

    The most important body treatmenttechniques combined with faradic wave, is also emitted which tones the muscles system. The diversit of techniques lke common frequency controls for all outlets and individuals intensity controls allow to give perfect type of treatment.

  • Electro magnetic body shapper

    Electro magnetic body shapper

    It is based on the most reliable experimental data of man and adopts latest advanced technique-computerized integrated circuit block and dual mutual supplemental waves. It has four different programs:

    2�Body shaping & slimming
    3�Body Massaging
    4�Breast Enhancing

  • body fat stimulator 16 pads

    body fat stimulator  16 pads

    body fat stimulator  16 pads 

  • Fat Stimulator 12 pads

    Fat Stimulator  12 pads

    Fat Stimulator  12 pads 

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