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Tecar therapy unit

Tecar therapy unit

ThermoTK -Deep Heating through high-frequency electrotherapy

A high-frequency current is applied to the patient. It enters the tissue almost not perceptible and is converted into heat in the target tissue.

In contrast to direct or lowfrequency currents, the high frequency currents have the ability to penetrate superficial skin layers without energy loss. The energy is thus released only in the deeper tissue layers and converted into heat.

The following pages provide background information, details on therapy form and characteristics of the device and the application.




- Capacitive and resistive with one electrode
- Intuitively easy to use
- From the perspective of your patients
- Part of your treatment approach
- A perfect treatment team
- Always there

Capacitive and resistive with one electrode

ThermoTK can be combined as an integrative treatment with other manual treatments or it may be used as a single treatment. Its area of application is any painful musculoskeletal complaint.

ThermoTK has two modes for different areas of application:

  • Capacitive mode
    For superficially situated structures, such as musculature.
  • Resistive mode
    For application on deeper structures, such as tendons and ligaments.


The required mode can be selected quickly and easily at the touch of a button: no complicated electrode change necessary!


Intuitively easy to use

With the colour touch screen the operation is fast, simple and clear for the user.

Using the touch screen, the different indications can be selected. The therapist thereby receives, in addition to application recommendations for the respective indication, professional information about the treatment.

From the perspective of your patients

The immediate and beneficial mode of action of the device often convinces the patient from the very first application.


Part of your treatment approach

Unique opportunity to combine the therapeutic effect of active treatment with the hyperemizing and analgesic action of electric current and the feel-good factor of a massage!


A perfect treatment team


Deep heating therapy combined with manual therapy offers exceptional treatment options. Thus the range of services of modern medical practices is extended and the patients can be treated even more effectively.


Technical specifications

Line voltage 100–240 V~/ 50/60 Hz

Fuse 2x T2A, 250 V

Power input 160 VA

Power output 120 W effective (350 Wpeak) at 100 Ω

Frequency 460 kHz (Resistive mode)

540 kHz (Capacitive mode)

Accuracy± 20%

Protection class I

Application class BF

Operating modes capacitive and resistive

Dimensions W/ D / H 32 cm / 24 cm / 13 cm

Weight 3.4 kg without accessories


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